Relaxed Standards, a poem by Rando Mithlo at

Relaxed Standards

Relaxed Standards

written by: Rando Mithlo


This night’s been so entertaining
Knowing what we’ve all had to drink
Politely pushed I’ll change direction
To the room’s dark corner I proceed

Glassy eyes emerge from shadows
Subtle pout not meant to captivate
Thrifted boots and black lace sleeves
Misunderstood type that I’ll engage

In my musings I’ll talk circles
Spinning on until the record ends
Mild interest so endearing
As an average allure at best

Say the wrong things and you’ll nod
To give me every chance to relate
Convey your mood I won’t be rude
I am the one who takes the bait

I’ll exhibit relaxed standards
Not as desperate as I may seem
Your body type nor attitude
As crucial as your femininity

Remind three times I’ll write it down
To lose when pulling out my keys
Hair your color and your number
Falling down in between the seats

Might regret set in tomorrow
As chill comes over morning eyes
Questions leaving open-ended
Nebulous to what was implied

Should I have asked you what it’s worth
Not sure what was really in play
Just an amatory end of story
Each fain to go our own way

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