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written by: Angel Edwards


Fame does not beckon
Fame kidnaps

Fame cannot be bought
Fame may be rented

Fame is a door
you cannot break it down
Fame takes you inside
Only if Fame picks you

Fame is a curse
It is unavoidable

If Fame is your fate
Fame makes life worse

Fame is not as it seems
More nightmares than dreams

Fame will take your soul
Lay claim to it as its own

Fame will never release you
Fame will follow you through the veil of the beyond

Fame is fleeting
Fame is everlasting

Angel Edwards

Angel Edwards

Angel Edwards is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, published writer of three books of poetry. She has performed around Vancouver and Canada for the past 40 years as a singer songwriter solo guitar and voice. Her original music is folk pop rock with an undercurrent of blues and country. Long time member of BMI, SOCAN , AFM League of Canadian Poets. Her song "Save The Planet" was included on the benefit CD "Rock For America" track 10 Online Records NY NY 2001.
Angel Edwards

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