Festive, a poem by Emma Wells at Spillwords.com



written by: Emma Wells


A timeless present
gifting energised sparks
within normalised, mundane rooms,
finds itself very welcome;
endeavouring to enkindle
as mistletoe kisses…

Sitting curled as a cat,
a spirit purrs from within –
pulsating festivity
as blood transmissions,
harbouring new leases of life…

Bands of chatty colours fleck,
painting urbane, beige walls
with peacock feather-tips,
gregariously bold:
glistening golds, reds and greens
beam brightly in mirror reflections
awoken from nocturnal shade;
each learns to encircle the room
as Regency courtiers in ballrooms:
growing in presence, stature
and a noted festive fortitude.

Warm white light
becomes a new companion,
flashing snowball eyelashes
in unspoken conversation
but its predictable constancy assures
as returning veterans of valiance
from war-flung, tearing worlds.

Yet here is peace:
baubles of promise
dangle heartily, gaily,
pulling playfully on tree branches
as new puppies on leads;
desperately excited,
brandishing polished flair
as Hollywood-wide smiles –
full, all-encompassing like first love.

As the season expands –
evolving to be fruitfully engorged,
fattened by increasing attention;
infant faces morph with cheer
while the cat uncurls,
more festively assured now
to paw out from its cushioned halo,
dripping with warmth
from hearthside heat;
her whiskers twitch
with each playful blinking
of festive fairy lights,
like a line of benevolent,
watchful angels –
heavenly upon circus high-wires.

I too, learn to unfasten
permitting fireside heat
to conjure glowing swirls
of gingerbread hues
upon my glossy, bauble face
becoming gleefully lost
amidst Christmas cheer
and its lashings of paraphernalia
like cream upon a plum pudding.

Presents mount under the tree…
Expectant tags
are harbingers of goodwill;
cherished charity is knotted in bows.

Childish curiosity soars…
pivotally peaking
mirroring untraversed mountains
proudly aloof in untouchability
as God’s presence in festive minutiae.

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