Flirt With Death, poetry written by Aishwarya Chauhan at
Ian Espinosa

Flirt With Death

Flirt With Death

written by: Aishwarya Chauhan


Holding a glass
Full of your charm
Drunk in love
By taking small sips
Having you stand
Beside me

I’m betraying my love
By flirting with death
Because you’re too betraying
By ogling a girl
And pouring her beauty
In the glass
You’re holding

You kissed her
I kissed death
It was like
A game
That two of us played
Without knowing
If we were playing at all

You gave her your heart
I gave mine to death
You let your soul
Be weaved with hers
Death found my love
As devotion for it
That it took my soul
And like you two became one
For life
I embraced death
So passionately

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