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For You

For You

written by: Morgan Lee



I watched the light diminish from your eyes

I see how you no longer smile

Your days of happiness consist of when you were a child, of when you had your mother with you

How I wish I could make the pain go away

The heartache and how you feel unappreciated because your family’s actions speak louder than their words

I used to fall into that category with them, and in some ways maybe I still do

But I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older, the sacrifices you’ve made and how it hurts me deeply to no longer see that light within your eyes or that smile upon your face

I wish I could take the hurt and pain away

I pray and hope for a brighter day

I know that you’re forever grateful because your situation could be different, but I know that the pain still remains

I pray that you find peace, I pray that you find love, I pray that you find happiness from within, I pray that you let go of all the worry, pain, and guilt you’re holding inside

But most importantly, I pray that you once  again find the will to have that light shine so brightly back into your eyes, and that you smile because you are now at peace

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