Forbidden Love, poetry written by Lei Writses at
Harry Quan

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

written by: Lei Writses


I told the moon I love her,
and its fullness turned to eclipse

I told the stars I love her,
and their brightness slowly faded

I told the sea I love her,
and huge waves started to beat my back

I told the sun I love her,
and I received no sunshine but burns

I told the rain I love her,
and its splattered droplets drowned me in

I told the clouds I love her,
and it pictured no frame of glee

I told the wind I love her,
and it carried away my whispers

I told the world I love her,
and I was forbid to see her again

I told the rainbows I love her,
and it wiped away my bitter tears

And if I’ll tell my family that I love her,
loathed will I be and I’ll be pushed away

To love her deeply is a sin,
but what is not a sin anyway,
I have love of my gender,
I must repent; but God,
give me one more summer,
as I cannot break both of our hearts this winter.

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