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Life Begins When One Ends

Life Begins When One Ends

written by: Lei Writses


Life begins,
dense it ends,
when thou be
living through
glee and blue,
be they throw

Starts with peace,
and calmness,
nestling down
then courage,
to embráce change
in ill venged

Life sets you
on fire, too,
so you be
when judgements
pile in tenths,
renting hints:

It starts at
an age that
namore ye count
nor the days
and birthdays
stormed sundays

When all things
are kept, bring’st
thee—some, be
though a few;
others, new;
most be so

Where there is
stressed up mess,
send thou drown
some of glad,
some of sad,
broken hard

Though ye eat,
heart may beat,
split or sit,
ye barely
smile for glee,
bold but free

Though ye smile,
’tis with style,
miles to cross
thou cans’t fake
thine own take,
yet can’t speak

For life ends
when till then
plain thee breathe,
d’spite the air,
songs ye hear
‘tween thine ears

And the choice,
within your voice,
lies in th’ hands;
shall we call
th’ answers toll
hears’d them all

Lei Writses

Lei Writses

I was born in Cebu City, was raised in the municipality of Argao, and write under the Pseudonym 'Lei Writses'. The pen name should be 'Lei Writes', or 'Lei Scrittore' (which means 'She Writes') as I love the language Italian, but due to some typographical errors, I mistakenly typed 'Writses' instead of Writes. Soon enough, I started to love how it rolls in my tongue and that's how the history was made. Some people who graduated from secondary school have two options: to proceed to college or work to earn; I have three, and I chose to stay at home and write poems. I have been composing poems for nine years, starting from when I was ten years old. But, all of the poems I wrote then were washed off during the Hurricane Haiyan. Now, I have been able to compose 200 sonnets for 200 days straight, and am still working on another 165 to complete a promise to myself. I also wrote a number of short stories, villaneles, sestinas, and many other forms of poetry. Poetry, to me, is not just a hobby. It is by far the greatest love of my life, and I am more than happy to share my love for it with everyone, and inspire people from all walks of life.
Lei Writses

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