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Work of Art

written by: Terry Sewell



The enormity of your love
is my horizon of dreams
you're elegance and character
such gifted things
when I look in your eyes
I see the young girl
when you're in my arms
the hairs on my back curl
I capture the moment
like a summery day
such beauty so astounding
in every way
you're pretty as a
I can’t believe
such a gem
the girl
who’d turn the head
of so many men
you take me to a place
of heavenly pleasure
every time we make love
it’s all I could treasure
I love you
with every beat of my heart
to me
you can only be
a work of art.

Terry Sewell

Terry Sewell

Born 1955 into a working-class family of eight in a remote country village in Norfolk, England.
I had a very sheltered life, a shy boy with no friends or educational merits. My brutal Father used to physically and mentally abuse me all through my childhood and into my early teens. My escape was to write where I could do anything I wanted and make my dreams come true within my stories. After writing my first poem at the early age of five, I have never looked back. My Father would call me useless and all I wanted to do was to prove to myself...I was not.
Terry Sewell

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