Impressions of a Misty Morning, a poem by Gabriela Docan at
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Impressions of a Misty Morning

Impressions of a Misty Morning

written by: Gabriela Docan


Yellow elongated willow leaves
adorn the path I walk on this morning,
along with few feathers from wrestling birds
and the soft carpet of green grass.

Dying leaves gather together in a dance,
spiraling up in the air, lifted by a breeze
while a black fluffy dog spreads joy
by chasing pigeons, squirrels and other dogs.

Manic squirrels scrounge for food,
jumping from trees like acrobats,
scaring green parrots with sudden moves,
while infatuated magpies march proudly.

The church on the hill rises its spire
into the misty air of the morning
to scratch white clouds on their route
in the infinite blue skies above us.

The sun starts rising behind the trees
cutting the mist with rays like sharp lances.
I make my way to the café in the park
to have a cup of fresh coffee.

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