Imagining A Blue Sky, a poem by Krysia Pytlik Oxmind at

Imagining A Blue Sky

Imagining A Blue Sky

written by: Krysia Pytlik Oxmind


Imagine the taste of an orange sky
full of ashes,
burnt trees, charred feathers, scorched fur.

Imagine, blinds drawn,
an amber glow coloring
the white comforter thrown on the day bed.

Imagine escaping on foot,
boots crunching blackened embers,
saving the cat, a wedding photo, passports.

Imagine smoldering cinders quieted,
twisted freeways, melted bridges,
mailboxes grave-markers where homes once stood.

Imagine a morning canopied by
a dark blue, ever-forgiving
Pacific Ocean sky promising rain.



This poem was written in the voice of a writer in Oregon trying to convey life in the fires surrounding her to a friend experiencing a downpour in the aftermath of a hurricane in Louisiana.

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