Did I Miss You? a poem by Daisy May Twizell at Spilwords.com
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Did I Miss You?

Did I Miss You?

written by: Daisy May Twizell


kettle steam gathers on the woodwork
powder dusts the rim of the mug
my hands are robotic and rusty
every movement with one extra tug

the chill of bathroom tiles
a three-minute eternity
YouTube echoes in company

fleeting floating flickering
the ache, it bottoms deep
my bones are tired and my thighs are red
I let the chocolate steep

sweets congealing on my teeth
plastic dripping wet from me
surprise has come and passed

the pink, at least, was pretty

chocolate clots thick in the bottom
ivy-climbing the ceramic
the water catches most of it
it comes away in clumps

a blessing, really, isn’t it
I scrub away the final smears
a mourning held in retrospect
the cruelty brings me to tears.

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