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Socrates v. The State

Socrates v. The State

written by: Bipolar Universe of Duality


During the fifth century before our Common Era,
Alive at the same time were three men,
A Buddhic-Confucian-Socratic sierra,
A bright skyline shaped wisely through zen.

Therein India, China, or Athens,
A change was indeed underway,
The climate of citizen passions,
Warming up despite ‘high’ dismay.

A ‘royal pain’ felt for the great masses?
Such ‘supreme drag’ to imagine their struggle.
But a new icon for populace classes?!
Blue bloods may sense fortune or trouble.

The Buddha observed Dharma in India,
He’d questioned the sanity of ‘the system’.
Confucius pontificated there in China,
Addressing ethics, morality, and wisdom.

But perhaps the most daring of the three,
Only Socrates did battle in war,
By going on to vex the ‘powers that be’,
‘They’ put him down…OPENING UP a door!

What was it that gripped Socrates the Great?
Was it trauma from war’s savage combat?
Renown for such hardened defence of the State,
He stood with Athenians, following his own format.

Widely-viewed as a brave fighting hero,
He’d rescued fellow soldiers during battle.
The State eventually ground him to zero,
Many intellectual-cages he did rattle.

In arguing “true knowledge” is the “best good”,
But bad for engineering a hive-mind,
Socrates had shown ALL was not understood,
Wherefore some deemed him acting unkind.

Through vigorous discourse on what is “true knowledge”,
He’d determined it found through Self-search,
Therein’s Devine-inspiration…not mental-bondage,
Without having blind faith in State-church.

Socrates paved the way for Plato and Aristotle,
But were these Greeks so much alike?
Plato being compelled to apply more throttle,
Once the State gave his mentor a fatal strike.

Plato, never subjected to the rigours of war.
Aristotle, tutored the Macedonian prince.
Arguably, the two men were less than more,
As such swell built upon Socratic-waves since.

Socrates didn’t scribe with respect to his way,
He took it more to the Athenian streets,
Plato-and-the-State attempted later to parlay,
With a book offering perspective on his feats.

The pro-slavery, Plato, penned his famed Republic,
Fifteen years had passed since Socrates’s death,
Whereupon some’d wished forgotten ‘the lunatic’,
His scent still hung in-the-air of social breath.

So, since those times it’s been many a year,
But still valued are Socratic opinions,
Despite them fielding much ridicule and jeer,
From any affected gurus or wild minions.

Into the West, Socrates cut “new space”,
Within the realms of philosophy and debate.
Before, “greatness” only struck by spear or mace!
For his backbone…should we not appreciate?

For more women’s rights, he’d argued it a duty,
While some told him he was quite ugly!…and a bore!
He’d questioned what’s “friendship”, “courage”, and “beauty”,
The State said he’d corrupted the youth, and more.

He refused to have faith in the god’s of Athens,
He’d even make up false-gods on a lark,
He’d burn to converse with people of-all-fashions,
“I know what I don’t know”, his mark.

He’d found wisdom where getting lost in talking,
Not too embarrassed or frightened where it could lead,
Even if such endpoints had triggered some mocking,
The banter seemed germane to his creed.

Socrates and Carl Jung both figured the same:
Most People Rarely Act Knowingly Wrong.
But (alas), if it happens, more tempting to blame,
Wherever such spirit calls to pass it along.

He didn’t want rule upon another’s soul,
Socrates had been his own leading man.
As the State seeks sway over role-models in-whole,
He advised more to follow one’s Devine plan.

Scientific theory? Precedent in common law?
Both forged in the fires of open debate.
Socrates’s robust-style exposed previous flaw,
Without his presence, such sense would seem less innate.

So, not ‘Magnificent’ alike sultan Suleiman,
Nor ‘Great’ like the ravenous Alexander,
Socrates executed as a beloved freeman,
A cognitive firebrand, most full of candour.

So…for this fellow, shall we raise a glass?!,
For a man some figured had no class.
Socrates the Great? – or – Socrates the Crass?
Surely, within, he’d advise us to ask.

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