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No Longer The Director

written by: Tracy Gregory



You once stood
Upon my stage
A player in the sand
I’d watch as you
Would twirl around
The living room again
The time did fly
And now I find
The stage is
All but changed
The sand is gone
The twirling stopped
The stage now rearranged
I look at you
Now and I see
I no longer
Direct your play
The world has now
Become your stage
You control
the play

The show goes on
I have no say
I sit among
The crowd
I see the play
As it unfolds
A stranger in your plan
I’ll smile with pride
As I recall
Your original debut
The sand, the twirls
The sunny days
I’ll smile
as I watch you grow.

Tracy Gregory

Tracy Gregory

Tracy is the author of “A Dangerous Truth,” “Ways of War,” a series of poetry, as well as multiple short stories. She grew up in Alaska and lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two adult daughters. She is the Author of the blog site TracesofTracyGregory.
Tracy Gregory

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