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Four to Midnight

Four to Midnight

written by: Luiz Syphre



Por favor, pacen a mi mente, que por la duracion de su leer, estaran en mis pasillos.

Please, come into my mind, as for the remaider of your reading, you’ll be in my halls.


Soar me as high as wind can,
take my wings to no end….
mistakes I own never to mend,
Dire sins I cannot defend….

ONE mother, unique in her beauty and grace.
an ungrateful child she was to raise…
She wanted for me a better place,
“unconditional love” defended her case!
but the tiny rivers burning her face…
Set the truth ablaze!

I’m sorry Mama, I should have been a better Son.

TWO dedicated lovers, their love I misplaced…
a nightly to and fro pace,
I’d crawl to their feet…
drugged up, eyes glazed and disgraced!
They wanted no more of my eternal daze….
Both started with “I need my space”,
Eventually…I was replaced,
as our family union they would deface!

I’m sorry ladies, I should have been a better Husband.

THREE real good friends, with me anyplace!
One for all and all for one, we never unlaced!
Musketeering wing men in clubs,
til we were spaced, chased or maced!
We grew apart…displaced, erased…..
“Have one on me, at our favorite place!”

I’m sorry fellas, I should have been a better Friend.

FOUR children for me…My life they showcased!
But I would spend more time suitcased…
They would grow resentment and distaste
for their Father that barely helped them be raised….
If I could only retrace your growing pace,
instead of being a toxic waste…..

I’m sorry kids, I should have been a better Father.

What worse in kin and friends there exists,
you’ll never find, I insist!
I’ve said thy peace, as death I kiss…
With this open wrist,
I’ll make hell’s A-list…
At four to midnight…I won’t be missed.



The darkest moment I can think of is when I’m on my death bed and I have to justify my time to God and he asks me “what did you do with the most important people in your life?”
How will I justify my huge moral deficit…that emotional trauma I left them to deal with? If I was to die now, this would be my message to the people that played such a huge role in my life.

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