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From The Land of Olives

From The Land of Olives

written by: Nada M. Sobhi


Her little shaken voice whispered
“The tank is next to me. It’s moving”
My small hands, I can’t anymore
are freezing-
My heart, I hear its muffled beats
“Will you come and get me? I’m so scared”
My name is Hind Rajab, 6 years old, a kid.
My family!
My dearest ONES!
Around me scattered like sleeping Stars
Their eyes are bright like olive jars
Their cheeks are icy blue, pinky petals
Their hands I touch are cold.
They are dead-
Shhh! Silence Hind, they are sleeping
Like dews on leaves are sleeping
Like innocent serene lost boats on seas
They are sailing with no movement
Sleeping with no breath,
Sleeping with bloody holes
in their fragile flesh.
Fountain of red waves around
And I am so cold with icy cheeks
And they are seeping
Remind you, I am only six.
Layan, my dearest cousin
The last one who smiled at me
She embraced me with tears
And kissed me the last kiss
Before I saw gunfire penetrate her chest.
And now she is sleeping
Like all my family
like ALL the rest.
“How far away was my home?”
I asked the last line of hope, Rana Faqih.
“It is getting dark.”
Remind you, I am only six, and all are sleeping.
Come and get me, I am thirsty, I want to drink.
On the phone, I whispered
Tanks were close to me like shadowy ghosts
I am trapped
I put my head under the seats
Remind you, I am ONLY six.
Then I started to cry with muffled screams
Hiding my little body under the seats
And all are still in their serene nights of sleep.
Sans merci, Ghosts were around
Then I lost my last line of Hope.
Gunshots and bombs are the only sounds.
And now they found the little remnants of my body
Sleeping innocently awash with my little dreams
Like the rest of my dearest ones
Whom I lost, piece by piece.
Remind YOU, my name is Hind Rajab,
From the Land of Olives.



This poem is mainly about Hend Rajab, a 6-year-old child from Gaza. Every sentence that is between quotation marks was really said by Hend before her death.

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