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written by: Elizabeth Barton



Supermarkets become a frontline of battle
(don't mention the toilet paper, or the brawl
over the last chicken in a Hawkes Bay store).

Buying groceries is a military operation,
full metal jacket; surgical mask, rubber gloves,
a vial of hospital-grade sanitiser

fit to knock me out if I inhale too deeply.
My mask practically blinds me as I fumble,
glasses steam up as I thumb through my list.

Dodging bullets of any innocent cough is a new art;
aisles are trenches, the enemy swift and unseen;
I dart through my chores with a sniper handcart.

Elizabeth Barton

Elizabeth Barton

Elizabeth Barton is an artist and poet living in New Zealand, close to nature and free to create. Her art is in private and public collections world wide.
Elizabeth Barton

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