Give Me Some Noise by Sudeep Adhikari at

Give Me Some Noise

Give Me Some Noise

written by: Sudeep Adhikari


The roads are leeching alien blood, not red enough
to be mine. Concrete cadavers,
they don’t speak with me, but scream at my face
on a rainy September day.

My city is just one
gigantic fucking anxiety; Goddammit !
A beautiful pain, almost a poem.

Peel the orange raincoats. Watch the sewers throwing
up on holy waters, fumes of lust and dust.

At the moment, all I need is a self-effacing kiss,
like the way breezes make love with
the clouds. A kill that builds rainfall, roses and frogs.

Cables are dancing, and I am sliding down
the slope of colored birds. Please give me some
noise for the peace of my No-Mind.

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