Parents' Love A Reason To Smile, poetry written by Abhishek Punyani at
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Parents’ Love A Reason To Smile

Parents’ Love a Reason to Smile

written by: Abhishek Punyani



She looked up felt the bliss of rain.
With that, she let go of all her pain.
She smiled as raindrops fell on her face.
Making her heart race
And as the cold breeze flew through her hair,
She slept like a little baby bear.
You ask was it the warmth of her partner that made her sleep well.
Think again it was the love of her father that made her smile forever

She smiled like a rainbow in the sky
All wondered who passed her by.
Leaving all the care behind
Her smile was shining so bright
What could make her smile like this?
No one could guess it right
Many wanted to see this smile!
Many tried but missed by a mile!
She smiled but it wasn’t the same!
And all the efforts went in vain! No, it wasn’t her to blame
No one could find the reason behind that smile.
This smile packs a reason behind it.
And none could see through it.
It’s because of someone who held her hand from her birth and even before it
And will forever hold it.
A smile she has because of no other.
It is the smile that she got from her mother.

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