Unwrapping Deceit written by Amanda Eifert at Spillwords.com

Unwrapping Deceit

Unwrapping Deceit

written by: Amanda Eifert



1. Read the left side of the poem in regular font.
2. Read the right side of the poem in bold font
3. Read the entire poem as you would a normal poem.

. . . [T]hough truth and falsehood be near twins, yet truth a little elder is.

– John Donne, “Satire III”


Such dishonest words you offer / words brimming with vitriol,

I gifted you my bonfire heart, my ethereal soul/ poisoned by a venomous demonic snake,

I gave you all my virtue true/ virtue could cure the poison invading,

But you don’t believe in honesty/ embracing hatred, turmoil, rage;

You’ve a game you call ‘secrets and lies’/ pain incinerates my trust, but you play on.

No one understands your vicious mind games/ betting against yourself always, you incriminate.

You’ve set fraudulent rules/ I cannot win because I’m the pawn, I’m disposable.

And you forever win each game, each round / you judge me, achieving a guaranteed victory for yourself.

You don’t comprehend — your character flaw could be your downfall / yet I battle for our once steadfast love,

You’ve hubris and lady justice sings your poetic downfall/ remembering the Bard wrote of love and trust.

Words reaching out as if they were / syllables of crystal splintered, waiting to be whole,

Creeping vines ensnaring you / words, lavish with ardor, whispered magic.

Trapping you until you’ve stopped your self-abuse / safekeeping your person, holding you dear.

Enchantment in a sleeping spell as Brier Rose / I sweep back your hair, as the drugged lethargy falls,

With benevolent sorcery you’re reclaimed / you remain mine unharmed, blinking eyes bruised from nightmares past.

Asleep but a moment, complicated lies as clouds disintegrate / Yet I wonder why you chose such black deceit?

I offered you truth, the elder twin first / honesty was and is all I desire to hear,

You chose deception, the younger sibling / I offer us both a life beyond the sickness of regret.

Your wicked lies ensnare us both / hoping the only lies I hear from you are tiny white pearls.

I cannot concede to a life of falsehood/ there is compromise in honesty, room to flourish boldly,

Yet my vines hold you tight, a lover’s embrace / I’m guiding you, untangling you, from the web of lies construed;

Until honesty is the only breath within our lungs/ until we both, breathe the solidarity of truth, of you and I.


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