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Feelings Suck

Feelings Suck

written by: LoverFn3



Feelings suck
When trying on this uniform of humanity
My license to converse
Comfort console and accompany
My license to bear the bittersweet experience  of feeling

With every laugh and chuckle.
Heightened hope of infatuation
Comes an end.
Laughs end. Funeral of love.
I guess falling can go two ways in love and in moods
Coffined by arguments frustrations and sadness.
Heart scratches.
The burden of feeling heavy is too heavy.
No weight is heavier than the wait for the storm to pass.
Hoping that whatever rocks the boat now will soon subside for us to note
That our moments of humanity can be treasured forever in chests deep enough to remember joy of feeling.

This cloak is too heavy
Need another outfit void of humanity
Because feelings suck

Written fresh from pain
Feel me

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