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How The Sea Goes To Sleep

How the Sea Goes to Sleep

written by: Kara Jackman



The eye is drawn to the horizon’s rainbow.
Purple, violet, light orange
Sandwiched between two true blues,

the sky and the ocean.

Like a pot of water simmering on the stove,
The ocean fights to comfort itself.
Whitecaps lick the tops of the jetty’s rocks,
Softening their jagged edges.
Waves meet the shore,
Only to be bounced back by the sea wall.

The sunlight wanes.
This is the way the sea goes to sleep.

Kara Jackman

Kara Jackman

Kara Jackman is an Archivist at Boston University by day and a freelance writer by night.
Her work has appeared in a number of regional, Massachusetts newspapers, non-profit newsletters, and local sports magazines. Her interests are many and varied thanks to her parents' commitment to artistic immersion. Her four years spent at the College of the Holy Cross did not hurt either. She blogs about music, fitness and self-improvement.
Kara resides in a suburb just outside the city of Boston.
Kara Jackman

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