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Stone of Roses

written by: Sudeep Adhikari



There are stories of water-courses on air
but I am haunted with some ruby eyes, which
I have made with my own salts. It's hard not to
get moistened by the lame Buddhas, or the gods
who have gone into innocent oblivion.

Please look at me with the same distance,
with the same ache of unnamable relation,
silently reflecting me on your crystal lattices.

The soul weakens, and goes all frail and malleable,
now it can be welded, and bent into infinite shapes.

And did you see? All diamonds
were once nothing but the weeping carbon.

Sudeep Adhikari

Sudeep Adhikari

Sudeep Adhikari is a Structural Engineer from Kathmandu, Nepal. His poetry has found place in many online/print literary journals/magazines, the recent being Red Fez (USA), Kyoto (Japan), Uneven Floor (Australia), Dark Matter Journal (USA), Open Mouse (Scotland), Outsider Poetry (USA), Devolution Z (Canada) and Pinyon Review (USA).
Sudeep Adhikari

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