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written by: AngelFace44



Time moves steadily forward

as day turns to night turns to day.

The healing of wounds is taking place;

or so everyone likes to say.


Upside down, my world has turned

for the loss of my father I mourn.

He was the first man I ever loved;

heart claimed the day I was born.


Missing him so very much

I await the healing to start.

For heavily does his absence weigh

upon my fractured heart.


Months have passed since he’s been gone

and still I cry and I cry.

Feeling cheated because he left too soon,

an emotional wreck am I.


Everyone says he’s in a better place

where he suffers no more pain.

I have no doubt that this is true,

though I wish he remained, all the same.


And therein lies the problem

with what the well-wishers say.

No matter how they present it,

my father has gone away.


Never again will I hear his voice

or feel his arms wrapped ‘round me tight.

Never again will I see his face

though I wish for it with all my might.


Memories I have aplenty

and each one I will treasure.

They are there to ease the loss

of the man I loved beyond measure.


Working through my grief and anger,

cathartic my writing should be.

Gone he is, and gone he’ll stay.

Forever loved, forever missed is he.



I have always had a love affair with books and am an avid reader. I recently started writing poetry and have fallen in love with it. Expressing myself through the written word is a great release. Sharing my work with others and being welcomed into the communities of other writers is amazing.

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