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written by: Mazena Mackoit



Every Saturday from a sealed tomb
the daughter of pharaoh slides away,
She steps over the roofs of this city.
absorbs the smoke from the chimneys
and pours it out through the lungs
in the form of a bagel.
Tickles the soles of the sleeping,
Eavesdropping a confession of city.
With shadow of her profile
hums the tune of the Nile.
With her shining coat closes us in the sarcophagus
until next Sunday,
then the malicious Pharaoh
puts on it
another seal.

Mazena Mackoit

Mazena Mackoit

Mažena Mackoit (Marzena Mackojć) (born in 1991)
A graduate of the Faculty of Physics at Vilnius University, currently a Ph.D. student at the National Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (NFTMC). Member of the Republican Association of Polish Writers in Lithuania. She is one of the founders of the association of young poets "Nowa Avangarda Wileńska". Authoress of 5 books of poetry: "You ask who I am" (2011, Vilnius), "Women and Chocolate" (2012, Vilnius), "Illusions" (2013, Warsaw), "Странно" (2013, Bulgaria), "Femeile şi Ciocolata "(2016, Romania). Her poems were published in the press in Poland, Latvia, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Great Britain. Third Prize in the Slavic Poetry Festival for the best debut of Polish poet of foreign origin (Warsaw), UNESCO World Poetry Day 2013 (Warsaw).
Mazena Mackoit

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