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written by: Kim Blades


I am grateful for the knowledge
that there is a world in each grain of sand
and Heaven smiles from each wild flower,
that each black night will be cut down
by the sharp axe of dawn's light,
that after the storm, fields swell green
and calm seas bask, blue and clean,
I am grateful for afternoons of drowsy calm,
tall trees whispering in the breeze
giving sanctuary to birds twittering among the leaves,
for the evocative music of the eagle's call,
and for my library of books that entertain and enthrall

Kim Blades

Kim Blades

I am a retired teacher of Secondary School History and English and I love to write poetry and short stories. I have co-authored a poetry book titled: Open A New Door, with Robbie Cheadle, which is available on Amazon. I live in South Africa and love the bushveld, all animals, the environment and its conservation. I have four dogs and a cat and two grown up sons. I would love to earn a living from writing and am currently busy writing a romance novel. Characterization is what I find most difficult when writing fiction.
Kim Blades

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