Grumpy Ladybug, poetry by Vidya Venkataramanan at
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Grumpy Ladybug

Grumpy Ladybug

written by: Vidya Venkataramanan


Precariously Perched on a layered bud,
Miss Ladybug
Had no compunctions
About meticulously
Exploring the workings
Of a blooming bud!

She was ‘spotted’
Busily tunneling
Into soft folds of
Paper thin petals.

The bud had barely awoken,
The Uneasy stalk,
Bent under the bug,
Unable to shake off that
Preyed upon feeling!

“What are you searching
For?’ a voice boomed.
A surprised bug looked up.

‘Well I thought I spied
An ice-cream cone,
But it turns out to be
Petals and sepals,
As a casatta icecream!

“What do you expect in a garden? My dear ladybug?”
“Well Amul said
It’s utterly butterly
But it still tastes like
Folded hands glared,
“Have you been watching commercials?”
A guilty “yes ”
Floated out of
The flower!
“Well take a commercial break
And let sleeping buds be!”
The ladybug crawled
Out and was ‘spotted’
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