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written by: Robin McNamara



The twisted gnarled branches of the briars,
The shadowy meadows of the countryside,
Children in masks skipping along to houses,
A full moon, bonfires lit - I'd rather be inside.

Old storytellers speak of evil demons,
Banshees & Witches lurk everywhere,
Priests at mass are giving their sermons,
I walk home slowly up ahead I stare.

Little me all alone, I stop suddenly & listen.
Nothing but the sound of my pounding heart
Ah sure, who'd bother me...
I'm just your average Goblin.

Robin McNamara

Robin McNamara

Living in Waterford City, formerly lived in Copenhagen. Former journalist with Insight Magazine, Dublin. Likes dogs, football, coffee. Enjoys observing and watching nature change for inspiration in writing.
Robin McNamara

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