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written by: Maria J. Estrada



I will write my house out of poems
Dream of brick and mortar dwelling

Perhaps, one with a smiling fireplace, a yard for a
Mulberry tree
Like limericks I used to read

There will be a warm cat slumbering
On the expansive sunny porch

An attic for love memories

A kitchen for fresh bread
To feed others

Warm cakes
To share with children

On lazy Sundays

Maria J. Estrada

Maria J. Estrada

MARIA J. ESTRADA is an English college professor at Harold Washington College. In the summer of 2020, she founded Barrio Blues Press. The mission of Barrio Blues Press is to elevate the voices of emerging writers and to help build a cooperative society through writing. She lives in Chicago’s south side with her supportive husband, two remarkable children, and two mischievous cats.
Maria J. Estrada

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