Our Children's Feet Like Stars, poem by Maria J. Estrada at Spillwords.com
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Our Children’s Feet Like Stars

Our Children’s Feet Like Stars

written by: Maria J. Estrada



Our Children’s feet like stars
Will guide us down infinite paths of Love

Beyond the scope of CPS purification
Beyond Lori Lightfoot stealing Covid funds
Beyond the commercial din of consumption
Beyond this disease ravishing young kids

Vaccines for profit
Politicians for profit
CPS for profit
Our children consumed for profit!

A disease born of an older disease

But our children, born of us,
Will march towards a better world

Setting hard hearts free
Dancing towards new planets
Freeing mouths from cannibalizing

Freeing mouths from lying

Liberating!          Liberating!          Liberating!

Our children, traversing down these roads
Alight with angelic discourse
Towards a world within our reach
Our children will guide us down Infinite paths of Love

Teaching us to be human once more
Teaching us what matters to Live

And truly Die for

And we, WE will walk side by side into the Possible.



Dedicated to Poet Jay Mehta who left us too soon. I miss you Hermano. And for Priti Mehta.

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