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My Soulmate

My Soulmate

written by: Osazuwa Cynthia Osax


At first when love set in,
Showering me with unending hope,
That would last till eternity.
I felt it, as my heart burst within.

I watched the sky move,
From one cardinal point to another;
Going through each page of the clouds,
To find the true definition of this feeling.

In a soft tone, I heard your melodious voice, from a piano; singing songs
of lullaby, which lure me to sleep; like a baby that has taken a sip from her mother’s breast.

Times and moments we share,
Gives me sweet memories to behold;
When loneliness pitched his tent on my pillow,
I cling to them as my comforter.

My infant heart beats so fast, like a working stethoscope;
Whenever this feeling beacons on me,
It moves restlessly like a storm in the sea.
Though distance caused a barricade to our sight,
Still, the pleasant fragrance of our love travels through the winds.

Deep inside of me, I hear my heart,
Calling on her soulmate,
An abstract call that needs an urgent answer,
Just as the deer pounds for water.

Cynthia Osax Osazuwa

Cynthia Osax Osazuwa

Osazuwa Cynthia is an inspiring poet, from Nigeria. In Orhionwom L.G.A, Edo state. She had her secondary school education in Axxess foundation group of school, she is currently pursuing her National Diploma degree in mass communication, in the prestigious federal polytechnic Auchi. After her secondary school, she improved her intellect through private reading and deep thinking, she started poetry writing at the age of seventeen. She won her first poetry contest with her poem titled: "celebration of life." She is concerned about healing the heart of men globally through her pen, the nature of her writing is centered on love, hope, life, beauty, pains, culture, history romance. Her works includes: "My Muse," "The Will of My Heart," "Celebration of Life," "My Soul Mate," "Who Am I?," "Knowledge," "Beyond My Sight." She is aspiring to learn more in her writings.
Cynthia Osax Osazuwa

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