The Beauty of Nature, poetry by Osazuwa Cynthia Osax at
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The Beauty of Nature

The Beauty of Nature

written by: Osazuwa Cynthia Osax


The universe is a beautiful garden,
Filled with beautiful creatures.
Birds sing songs of joy,
As they fly gracefully in the blue sky,
Bringing joy in the morning light.

The sun shines her light at summer,
Embracing the earth with its warm embrace
Bringing life in abundance, wonder fills the air
A rebirth I watch the flowers bloom.
As earth awakens from her rest.

As the winds break free from the clouds,
Trees bend as if to bow.
Tinkling sounds of bubbling rain,
Echoes and pitter-patter on the rooftop,
I watch the rain and the wind joyously dance

As the night falls,
The gentle breeze sings a lullaby
Singing love songs throughout the night
Slumber takes over beneath the pale moonlight.
As the stars illuminate the velvet sky.

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