Celebration of Life, poetry by Osazuwa Cynthia Osax at Spillwords.com
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Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life

written by: Osazuwa Cynthia Osax


I can hear the toll of the bell,
It sounds like the one in the morning dew.
I can hear the bell calling my soul.

My heart leaps for joy when I hear it;
It’s a fulfillment of my destiny.
Let no one cry, celebrate for I’ve gone home.

For my departure marks the beginning of a new page.
The Earth is a temporary abode for my soul; a permanent home awaits me.

I fear not this journey which I embark on,
For it is a mission accomplished.
My transition grants me permission to see my maker.
I worry not, it’s a prize accorded to me at the end of my journey on Earth.

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