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written by: Shona Trussell



Home is a place for peace and quiet
Or it could be a house of noise
It may be immaculately decorated
Or have floors simply littered with toys

You may live in a small house on your own
Or you may have a big family
You might be a parent already
Or have no intention to be

Your home could hover above everyone
On the twenty first floor of a tower block
You might live out in the countryside
Only kept company by livestock

The country you live in might be freezing cold
Never feeling a warm sunny day
You could grow up under blistering heat
Your feet hitting ground hard as clay

Whether tidy or messy, big or small
The style of your house shouldn’t matter at all
Are you happy, content, kept warm and safe?
If these things are true, Home is anyplace

Shona Trussell

Shona Trussell

I'm Shona Trussell from the United Kingdom. I live in the midlands as a Home care assistant for the elderly. I live with my partner and my little boy Michael who is almost two. I've self published one short story via Create space available on Amazon called Just Like Sabrina and I'm currently working on a collection of poems and reflections to self publish again this year.
Shona Trussell

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