Toxic Love! written by Bitupan Das at

Toxic Love!

Toxic Love!

written by: Bitupan Das



Love is a cup of poison.

And I had a lot of reasons,

To not drink.

But I drank, drank it fully.

I couldn’t stop, baby.

You helped me drink.

Now my body stinks.

You’re always in front of my eyes.

So I can’t blink.


I want to say words

That never exist.

I want to shout,

I want to laugh,

Like thunderstorm.

My lips move,

But all my voices, Ultrasonic.

I want to move on, baby.

My body moves,

But my heart stands still.


But it forgot to sing.

My mind doesn’t think of anything,

But of you and your fluent smile.

My dreams are not mine anymore.

But yours and it wakes me up in the middle of the night panting.

Nights are cold and lonely.

And I long for you.

I can breathe,

But, my souls become the sheath.

Now, I’m living dead baby.


You’re not toxic, baby.

Love is!

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