The Sky is Mumbling, poetry by Bitupan Das at

The Sky is Mumbling

The Sky is Mumbling

written by: Bitupan Das


the sky is mumbling
like some madman
though not clear
I can decode some
hey clouds
you know
I am blue
why do you always hide me
why do you always paint my body with colour black
dark black
I always hold
the naughty twinkling stars
who really make me realise the worth of my existence
I always hold them in my chest with pride
but you can’t see
you just smile and cry with the sun
the rising sun
in the night
you write poems
about the stars
the moon
how beautiful it is
do you know
it has dark spots
upon her soft body
like me


you clouds paint me colour black
to make me feel blue again
I think you’re black
I need to feel blue

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