The Expansion and Contraction of Me, poetry by Deepikaa Chaand
Shelby Miller

The Expansion and Contraction of Me

The Expansion and Contraction of Me

written by: Deepikaa Chaand


Coping, walking, coping
pacing, racing, pacing
panting, life is daunting, so haunting, I am dismally left wanting

they carved me clean and removed my soul with surgical precision
and since then I walk on my hands with my head tucked under an arm,
my feet tied to my waist

I am a rubix cube having a hollow implosion, a slow explosion,
I am a sphere with acute angles,
I am an odd shape with no name
housing a fistful of air that houses my presence

as my fingers relax their grip,
and my palms open into vulnerability,
my essence flies away like pulverized stones
into the eccentricities of the winds

and poof, I’m gone

Bring me back someone.

Deepikaa Chaand

Deepikaa Chaand

I am a compulsive Poet and a passionate Fine Arts Artist. I have been writing since the age of twelve greatly inspired by Pablo Neruda, Shelly, Keats and Yeats. However my poetry is different from my idols, I articulate my thoughts in a surrealistic manner and my approach is ephemeral. I won an Editors Choice Award for my Poem 'Escape' from about 17 years ago. My poetry and Artwork have found room in the Anthologies 'Colors of Refuge', 'Resonance' and 'Float Poetry - Re- Verse the Rivers'. My Artworks have apoeared on the covers of 4 books by Rashmi Anand of which 3 were released by Times Group, Times of India.
Deepikaa Chaand

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