Black Water, poetry written by Ximena Escobar at

Black Water

Black Water

written by: Ximena Escobar



Closing my eyes upon your nearness
I submerged in your darkness,
I soared on the wavelets,
flowed entwined with you, through the water
Spiralling in the warmth of your kiss,
I surfaced, with a gush, under the firmament
Spread with angel arms floating
on Crystalline ripples, shining in the darkness

and I saw our future in the sky’s story
for I failed to read the black
in between each beautiful star,

But a cruel waterfall was waiting
and I plummeted into the abysmal cold,
I sank in the ocean of ink
at the other side of your pen,
As black water leaked from my perforated soul,

I crumpled up your note
I tossed it,
in a black smudge of

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