In Your Face, poetry by Ximena Escobar at

In Your Face

In Your Face

written by: Ximena Escobar



I see him through your face,
cradled by the nascent moon of your cheekbone
I see him in an absence of feeling,
I feel him in your hand now,
cold as a detached limb,
weighing in my palm
as my shrivelled lungs depleted of you,
heavy as the sand
when a wave recedes

He chills me with hollow
I feel him exude from my pores
Bubbling from the remnant of your body,
the cave of your mouth contains only bones
It’s his pulse
that I hear,
feeding the black river in your eye sockets,
weighing in my heart like my deflated lungs depleted of you

The barely distinguishable lustre,
in the blackness of your eyes,
is the unfeathered baldness,
a hunchback dark angel,
flightless sea vulture,
treading the shallows of your pupils.

Somewhere in my tear duct
is the last reflection of you
in your name,
absorbed by your linen—
but I, at least,
see you in your face again,

Draw you into my lungs,
inbreathe the man you were.

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