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Kali’s Mandala

Kali’s Mandala

written by: Ximena Escobar



A collection of images
With no coherent meaning
Spun, kaleidoscopic
Pulled itself together
Into the reflection of a sunflower eye,
A poem aligned with the centre of chaos
Flowering an explosion
of multiple …

Darkness is also a colour,
seeping beads spilled their stain
as Kali’s mandala broke your destiny
winking with her terrible eye,
Cracked in the middle by the darkest rivulet,
caused by careless bouncing
of young goddess skipping,
tripping on her second set of arms,
falling on a broken beer bottle,
Cutting through vein

Petal eyelashes flutter
pretty reflections on the green glass,
loose beads on the pavement
twinkling, decorate the darkness
like spinning galaxies

You still look beautiful
in her dreadful universe
Even now
you still look colourful
Even now you warm the heart
In death, as you did in heaven

Watch you jump from star to star
Before the rain blurs all the shapes
Before we drown in sinking mud
Before we pause consider think remember,
See the beauty of her black tears
Leaving sluggish rainbows on the pavement
See the spill of broken dreams
See the mud, the colours
through a water universe,

In the pulp of destruction
All that is left is creation
Broken fragments
Bleeding palm lines
Dripping Pollockian landscapes
Weeping, as I am,
on your empty canvas



In Memory of Priti J/ Priti Mehta

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