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The Winds Of Time

written by: Social_calamity98


I was swept away,
By the winds of time into my past
Where my demons reside
Waiting for me to enter their lair,
For them to unleash the demonic snare
And snatch from me, my self made bubble
That pushed away from me my troubles
They know not any mercy
They know not forgiveness
They rip away your soul
And renders you without happiness

"Time helps you move forward", i was told
But that is what pushed me backwards
Into this cauldron of pain,
From which i have nothing to gain.
Oh! I seek an escape,
From this labyrinth of despair
Nothing but scars await me
In this lair of calamity.
My best efforts were in vain,
For these winds find solace in our disdain

As i was spiralling down
Into my self made pool,
In which i was about to drown.
I begged for mercy
And sought after heavenly refuge.
For the farce from above,
Was better than the disparity that awaits below
HE sent an angel,
Whose wings were as white as frost,
And a soul far brighter than gold
Her eyes gleaming with a blaze,
She glided towards me,
Along with her majestic grace.
Oh! What a splendid sight
To stare at her divine flight.
She knocked me of my drudgery
And wiped away all my misery.

She gave me wings,
And asked me to fly with her,
Into the untapped horizons,
And explore the future,
Which seemed so bright.
Just as i was about to set flight
With my new found wings of freedom
I was flooded with doubts
Seeds planted by my demonic acquaintances.
I looked at her,
All she did was smile
And nod in acceptance
Her reassuring grace
Vaporised my vicious doubts.

And so i flapped those wings
To fly away into the unknown
Leaving behind my weights
And keeping pace with my angel
Oh! What a fairytale
Afterall it was light that would prevail.



Hola homo sapiens!
I write to give a pathway for my thoughts to escape from the clutches of containment inside my head into the world of opportunities.
My works are a peek into my life and also an amalgamation of my imagination.

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