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  1. Where, do you hail from?
I was born in Palo Alto located in Northern California. But since my parents shared an excitement for moving, when I was two years old, we relocated to Cypress in the southern part of the state. The neighborhood where I began kindergarten evokes memories of playing with tadpoles and a frog the size of a football that I named Sam. When I was eight years old, we moved to Anaheim with Disneyland in our backyard. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the rest of his cohorts became friends. I met a girl who lived around the block, and our friendship remains to this day. She and I spent most of our time in the magic kingdom when ticket books existed, and e-ticket rides were the best! Three years later, my parents packed up the house again, but this time, traveled across state lines to New Mexico. We lived in a beautiful brick house where wintertime brought snow for our brown and white springer spaniel to romp around in. But after four years, back to Southern California we headed. Moving frequently in my childhood was difficult – changing schools, leaving old friends, and making new friends. But my parents had their reasons, so I didn’t harbor any resentment toward them. Fullerton became my high school home, and the last one before I moved out on my own. Who knew that in the future, I’d find my way back to the northern part of the state with my husband and children.
  1. What is the greatest thing about the place you call home?

The wonderful outdoors without a doubt! A beautiful state park that immediately became my favorite is the home of a magical redwood grove and only twenty minutes away. We visit this enchanting park often, reveling in the wise whispers and majestic presence of the tall trees. The calming ocean and soothing country are nearby, but if we’re in the mood for city energy, a half hour drive is all it takes. Hiking, backpacking, cycling, walking…a myriad of activities are at our fingertips in this lovely part of California. But geography aside, home is in my heart, wherever my family is.

  1. What turns you on creatively?

My husband and I recently celebrated thirty-five years of marriage. But it’s not about the number of years we’ve been together. It’s the love, respect, and teamwork we have built over the decades that warrants celebrating. So, many of my poems have been inspired by our relationship. I feel lucky to have found that special person to celebrate the joys, carry me through the sorrows, and enjoy the adventures. As the calendar pages turn, nature has also been a profound source of inspiration. Whether it’s a sunrise I witness while walking my dog, or a hummingbird entertaining us on our patio, or a freshwater lake shimmering as if to wink at me, nature’s offerings are abundant. Of course, my muse stays in tune with life events and the numerous emotions that flow through my heart. Fortunately, I don’t lack writing inspiration.

  1. What is your favorite word, and can you use it in a poetic sentence?

I’ve given this question a lot of thought, and truthfully, I don’t have a favorite word. I love language and the art of piecing words together to tell a story or to portray a beautiful scene, but I can’t single out one special word. So, instead, I’ve chosen the theme of nature by sharing a portion of my poem “In Good Company.” This poem ties into my love of redwoods from question #2.

When we stroll among redwood trees,
our steps slow down, we are in good company.
There is no reason to rush and we won’t hesitate
to hug them with open arms, because, why not?
They deserve reverence for their generosity.
In their company, fine fibers of peace
flow through our hearts and souls, centering us…

  1. What is your pet peeve?

People who believe they are superior to others are at the top of my list. Arrogance has no place in society. This awful trait ties in with prejudice and discrimination. No one deserves to be intimidated or bullied because of the color of their skin or the deity they pray to. We are all unique and should welcome the opportunity to learn from one another instead of fighting against each other because of our differences.

  1. What defines Lauren Scott?

I am a woman with a kind heart, and I am not shy about showing my emotions. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, friend, poet, and writer. I don’t take life for granted, but I do take one day at a time, and I always strive to keep moving forward. The beauty and tranquility of the mountains and what seems like miles and miles of polished granite near a freshwater lake will always render me speechless. I find that relishing the simple things in life becomes the most rewarding.

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