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written by: Shona Trussell



A moment in time caught in a frame
A feeling, a hope, a wish
A wedding, christening or football game
No matter how brief, they’re a gift

Wide smiles show true happiness
A love, a treat, a shock
Combing through pictures and memories
A chance to reflect and take stock

A memory can feel recharged in a glance
An energy, regret or grudge
Not always pleasant reliving it all
Heartbreaks that last and won’t budge

But the heart lifts at an old snap
Someone missed, loved, not forgotten
Somebody loved greatly and deeply
Mistakes and all, top to bottom

Love the pictures you share with each other
The memory, love or grief
A photograph means you’ve never lost it
Your memories are easily retrieved

Shona Trussell

Shona Trussell

I'm Shona Trussell from the United Kingdom. I live in the midlands as a Home care assistant for the elderly. I live with my partner and my little boy Michael who is almost two. I've self published one short story via Create space available on Amazon called Just Like Sabrina and I'm currently working on a collection of poems and reflections to self publish again this year.
Shona Trussell

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