Prayers For Westminster written by Valentyna Holloway at

Prayers For Westminster

Prayers For Westminster

written by: Valentyna Holloway



The darkened lights of Westminster crying fragile glass tears
As the citizens of the world unite to wipe them away.
Sanguine blood flows into the Thames,
Darkness drenched in black
Leaving liberty to lie in saturated emotion.
As a sea of prayers formed from suffocating words.
They break through the negative echoes finding light.
Shaking flowers left in memorium for those that will never hear
‘Welcome home” from mortal voice again.
Empty arms where loved once were once embraced
Now filled with cold darkness of pulsing incomprehensible sorrow
Once again, people from all walks of life band together
In a chorus of harmony, support that should
Have been necessary.
Sweet hymns of solidarity begin to rise above the cacophony of
The Heavens paused and listened
When the world cried —
We Are Not Afraid!



Poetry in tribute to the tragedy in Westminster

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