Quiver written by Valentyna Holloway at Spillwords.com



written by: Valentyna Holloway



I write Your name and the air quivers.
My love for You swells
like a wave on the horizon that grows in intensity
until it crashes on the shore.
You bring me to my knees gasping in passionate breaths.
You are the unnamed emotions that flow through my veins.
You live in the spaces between the beats of my heart.
My entire body knows when Your thoughts
descend on me and every fibre of my being
reaches out for You in burning desire.
My legs don’t want to go in directions You are not in.
I can’t walk up the stairs without thoughts of
You walking through a candle-lit trail scattered with rose
leading to the culmination of our uninhibited desires.
My knees shake walking into the bedroom as if they are
for You to sweep me off of my feet and into Your arms.
My veins are tying themselves into knots in anticipation
of the moment our lips meet.
My thighs ache to feel the power of Your hips between them.
My spine arches as the wildfire inside me burns.
I fall asleep feeling Your hands on my skin and listening
for Your gentle breathing as the spaces between my fingers
ache for Yours to fill the gap
so we will not be lost from one another in the night.
And my first thought in the morning is always
Your name.

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