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Lie To Me

Lie To Me

written by: Valentyna Holloway



Lie to me.
Tell me You don’t love me.
Tell me it isn’t my hair You want tangled around Your fingers.
Tell me it isn’t my touch You crave on Your skin.

Lie to me.
Tell me You don’t wake up reaching for me in the middle of the night.
Tell me You don’t want me on my knees Worshiping You.
Tell me You don’t want my quivering body underneath Yours.

Lie to me.
Tell me You don’t ache to feel my lips press against Yours.
Tell me You don’t want to stroke me with Your hands until I scream Your name.
Tell me You don’t want me to take You to realms of ecstasy You never dreamed existed.

The thing is
it’s always going to be You and me.
It’s chemistry.
It’s biology.
It’s the simple equation of one plus one equals us.
It’s the Heavenly push that spiraled us in the same direction
Until we collided with the force of a supernova.

And neither one of us have been the same since.

Valentyna Holloway

Valentyna Holloway

Valentyna, wordsmith, poetess, bearer of scribed love. Valentyna, a self-described flâneuse and aesthete is the author of several poetry collections including Forbidden Love Songs, This Is A Love Song, Valentyne Dreams, and The Ripped Notebook Series. Published both online and in print, Valentyna currently has three media projects in the works as well as devoting time to writing poetry. Valentyna is fluent in six languages and has written poetry in French and Spanish as well as in English. A trained classical pianist, cellist, and soprano vocalist, her interests include: music, photography, art, politics, and her beloved flower garden — and her most special role, Mother.
Valentyna Holloway

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