Cold Comfort, a poem written by Ian Fletcher at

Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort

written by: Ian Fletcher


Just consider all
you have done
and the full life
that you have led
are his would be
words of wisdom.

Ah, the have done,
and the have led
are the very point
for little good this
will bring to me
when I am dead,
I think to myself
but leave unsaid.

Your family with
those lovely kids
and loyal wife
should give you
joy, not sadness,
so you have much
to be thankful for,
he insists once more.

Yet still, I persist
in pondering what
this will all mean
when I cease to exist.

My demise indeed
might even be thus
deemed no bad thing
for then everyone
can duly celebrate
my laudable life
or if so inclined
imagine me to be
in some paradise.

Oh, thanks a lot
dear friend, I say,
I feel better now,
though I am glad
only in sending
this well-meaning
fool upon his way.

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