Love's Façade, poetry written by Aquib Khan at

Love’s Facade

Love’s Façade

written by: Aquib Khan


I first met her on an odyssey
a mirthful ride of ephemera
She came with poesy sacristy.
Scintillating the sky with her aura.

I was the disturbance of her peace,
Nudging and creating an awful scene,
Her belief in me kept me serene
Discerning my mind superbly at ease.

She was behind an unknown veil,
That separated me from her,
Light years was the measure of the scale,
Like a mirage, she was & like a spur.

We glued for a while with a pristine bond,
Talking of heroics deed and upright forms
As time rolled she seemed already gone.
This love, ambrosia, took a fall.

Reminded me of nightingale’s tale,
The bird sang her blood out for the rose
For love, she believed always hail.
That rose I bet she would take & never lose.

I still cherish her and for her honor,
Her angelic demure would never fade
She sojourned in my banished gossamer.
My amaze now lingers in the love’s façade.

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