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Kay Too

Kay Too

written by: Ricky Hawthorne



I reach for you with hands
Shaped like fins
Nerveless I stroke your shoulder and
Attempt a sham show
Of affection but feel less than

Once my fingers sparked
Electricity, caressing the arc of your
Collar bone or stimulating your
Vulva; now they are little more than
Ice formed by ice

These hoarfrost lips that move
Solemnly across your mouth and
Breasts, softening your nipples with
Blunt splashes of novocaine drool are
Antiseptic to our different kinds of

Obstinately I paw pathetically at
Silken flesh, artless, searching for brush strokes
Lost in darker places than this
Whilst your evocative scent
Evaporates beyond my
Mute, reconstructed nostrils

Sweet Christ when I stood in front of
Jacob’s savage spine and
Uttered that vacuous
Cliché, I betrayed my senses far
Below the summit

“Because it is there” I bellowed underneath
That frigid, triangular
Shadow, that beckoned me on without
Contempt to embrace its cold
Indifferent torso

They found me later, a
Stalagmite; and warmed what
Could be warmed,
And brought me home to you:
An icy breath on an angel’s feather

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