Hoodwink, poetry by Stephen Kingsnorth at Spillwords.com
Bermix Studio



written by: Stephen Kingsnorth


No nudge or wink is needed dear –
we know this suspect from the news;
dark passage, poorly lit, night hawk,
no site for self-respecting soul.
With silhouette identikit
unknown if coming, going, here,
blank face or hair behind black mask;
he’ll not be caught, face punishment,
have bars to limit where he walks,
no jail, nor walk the plank, just bail –
assume this hoodywinking male –
so typical of youth today.
A threat to our suburbia –
an enemy of state, that’s clear.

This river pier with tidal reach,
by current waves, sad moods awash,
grim space where jumpers soon conclude,
has light, illuminating route.
As volunteer, despite her Dad –
who left do-gooding well alone –
she was returning from the club,
Down’s syndrome hour on Friday nights.
A chilly evening, homeward found –
why the warm hoody round her ears.
Had it been a fur collar turned,
a college scarf about her mouth
or covid mask tied round her ears,
the label would not be applied.

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