Howls of History written by Arun Dash at

Howls of History

Howls of History

written by: Arun Dash


I have withstood the tests of Time
Lying before you as pristine as I were
When your ancestry created me,
My tattered wears here and there
Fighting a losing battle now
To evade despicable arrogance
Of your so-called modernity.

I have seen you grow before me,
Like your children do before you,
Conscious of your shortcomings,
Yet dotingly tolerant of you;
Have I ever changed my course
Or forced my way upon you?

Why then do you smother my being
By distorting the facts that I’ve arduously archived?
These tales and legends I hold dear
In my bosom – haven’t they ever
Enchanted you in their unravished form?
Or is it that your heightened hypocrisy
No more does accord you to adore me
In my virgin form, frenzied as you are
To violate the chastity of all things around?

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